Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When the Lord Commands

This entry is part of my general conference application series.

When the Lord Commands, by Elder Bruce A. Carlson
Of the Seventy

On the way to a meeting this morning, I took an alternate route, thinking it would be a shortcut. After winding my way through back parking lots and across small pedestrian crossings, I ended up back on the initial path of which I was trying to find a shorter route.

I'll have to consult a map before I try to find a shortcut again!

As I reviewed Elder Carlson's words, I was reminded of my walking adventure. He spoke of fishermen who repeated a fail-prone plan expecting a different result. Of this, he said:

Occasionally we believe that there must be an easier way, a shortcut or modification of the Lord’s commandments that will accommodate our individual circumstances. Thoughts such as these fail to acknowledge that strict obedience to God’s laws brings His blessings and failure to abide by His laws leads to foreseeable consequences.

Interestingly, before the failed walking shortcut, I got temporarily lost on the way to the temple. I thought I could find a shorter way on my own, without consulting a map. I was wrong.

As I went on my way, thinking I was just fine, I felt that I should pull off and consult a map. I complied and easily corrected my course.

Myfailed shortcuts reminded me of Elder Carlson's words, "our partial or selective compliance with God's laws will fail to bring the full blessings of obedience" (emphasis mine).

Sure, I arrived at my destinations with only slight delays, but I could have had a more full trip experience had I consulted a map. The map could be compared to God's laws (such as the scriptures). I'm grateful for the maps we enjoy that guide us on our way, but even more, I'm grateful for the guidance that the commandments provide.

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