Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY: Door Painting, III

The younger boys loved their door so much that the oldest boy wanted his door painted right away. Luckily they have a nice daddy who can throw tape and paint on doors quickly. Here's the final door to the children's rooms (the color is orange, but it was getting quite dark when we finished so the pictures aren't great):

His name starts with D, as you can see

DIY: Door Painting, II

My wife and son went off to play at Lion Country Safari today (link). This left me home alone over lunch, so I did a quick DIY project to surprise the boys when they come home. They loved the door my daughter and I painted (see it here), and I think they'll love their door, too.

HINT: their names start with B and A,
and their favorite colors are blue and green, respectively

Saturday, November 8, 2014

DIY: Laminate Flooring

The carpet in our house was old and very worn, so we've started ripping it out. Most of the house now has bare concrete (that we've cleaned), but we've started covering it with laminate flooring. Our recent bathroom vanity renovation (link) included replacing the carpet in the vanity with laminate floors, and the flooring has now spread to the master closet.

Here's a look at a before/after:

And by the way, I say these projects are DIY, but I do have help! My two older children took turns helping with this one, and my wife helped, too (as always).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

DIY: Window Writing

Our weekly family nights don't always move far from the dining room table. When we need to outline something well, we use the windows! 

Whiteboard markers work just fine on windows, by the way:

And the window writing is good for helping practice tough spelling words, too!

DIY: Stained Glass

We had an open house for our temple and I wanted to do something fun to memorialize the great feelings. I chose stained glass, well pretend stained glass (here's the how-to I refered to: link).

To practice, I first did a CTR shield

Here's the temple

I wanted the sides of my stained glass to match actual stained glass from inside the temple, as below