Friday, October 30, 2009


While listening to President Uchtdorf's recent general conference address this morning ("Two Principles for Any Economy," link), I was struck by one word in particular: Tenacity.

Adversity, when confronted with faith, courage, and tenacity, could be overcome.

I felt that I need to show more faith, courage, and especially tenacity.

Upon arriving home from work, I noticed something dangling from the open garage door. Closer inspection revealed it was a caterpillar stuck in a spider's web. Thinking of "Charlotte's Web," which my children recently watched, I ran inside to get a larger audience to view this epic struggle with me.

Here was a small spider against a much larger caterpillar, who wasn't going to go quietly. The latter was squirming and bending—literally fighting for its life. The spider reminded me of the need to be tenacious.

Interestingly, my brother called me while I was watching this struggle unfold. He mentioned that he recently tried some skateboard moves he hasn't attempted for some years, with the end result being that he, indeed, is an old man. Again I was reminded this same talk by President Uchtdorf:

While the phrase “been there, done that” may work as an excuse to avoid skateboarding, decline the invitation for a motorbike ride, or bypass the spicy curry at the buffet, it is not an acceptable excuse for avoiding covenant responsibilities to consecrate our time, talents, and resources in the work of the kingdom of God.

How fun to have two vivid, tangible reminders of important principles, back-to-back!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fountain of Youth

We had a great time making labels for bottled water, apparently from the Fountain of Youth.

I designed this faux-label to accompany my home teaching lessons for this month. Ever since I've tried to teach more to the children, I've been having even more fun!

This month was great because we can talk about sailing on ships, the Fountain of Youth, whether or not the bottled water can grant immortality, and then tie it in to President Monson's message on the Fountain of Truth: Obedience (link).

I think it's wonderful that we know that through obedience (and made possible by the Atonement), we will not only live forever, but will live forever with God—Eternal Life: the greatest gift of God (see D&C 14:7).

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Pictures

We've updated our pictures page (link) to include our fun adventures of last month.

(This was a fun moment turned to tears when a smiling yogurt-covered boy started to play peek-a-boo... right when the camera was ready. )