Sunday, June 16, 2013

Room Improvements

While my wife and children are enjoying an adventure out of state, I've been working on redoing one of our rooms (heretofore called the Black Hole of Calcutta). If you're a fan of before/after project pictures, here are some for you to enjoy:

You don't have to look out the window to see popcorn in our house--it's on the ceiling!
I removed the popcorn, added a more subtle texture, and replaced the fan.

Painted walls. And yes, the floor is now just exposed concrete slab.
We'll replace the flooring for all three rooms when they're all redone.

New closet organization options

Another shot of the closet

As a bonus, here's how I'm thinking of arranging the furniture (My son and daughter will share this room until we finish redoing all the children's bedrooms and then we'll have to decide who goes where).

The old closet doors are back on; we may swap them out.

That's a LOT of stuffed animals!