Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bring Souls unto Me

This entry is part of my general conference application series.

Bring Souls unto Me, by Elder L. Tom Perry
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

I give an a capella concert each night to an audience of one. As I tuck in my children individually, they ask me to sing them songs. It's fun to see how their songs of choice change over time. Rebecca has been loving "I Love to See the Temple" for some time, but David has more recently started asking for "A Happy Family" and "Listen, Listen."

Elder Perry's talk reminded me of David's second song choice and his personal application. The song lyrics are:

Listen to the still small voice! Listen! Listen!
when you have to make a choice.
He will guide you always.

As we arrived home after walking from school recently, David suddenly looked at me with a spark in his eye and commanded, "Wait here; I know what to do!" Seeing no harm, and being very curious, I obeyed. He ran inside and emerged a few seconds later carrying a church pamphlet which briefly outlines our basic beliefs (similar to this: link).

With a shining, big smile, he announced that he needed to give the pamphlet to his friend, our neighbor. After he raced to her door and delivered his gift, he returned with a calm, satisfied look on his face.

I think he had listened to the "still small voice:" the Spirit.

Elder Perry observed:

Missionaries will continue to do the best they can, but wouldn't it be better if you and I stepped up to do a job that is rightfully ours and for which we are better suited since we know personally those who are lost and need to be rescued?

Just last night David showed me how well-suited he is for this charge when he returned to his friend's home and invited the family to attend his Primary sacrament meeting program this Sunday.

Every Sunday David wears a little badge on his vest that reads, "Future Missionary." Apparently, this isn't just a fashion statement, but is a way of life for him.

I'm grateful for the pure example of love shown by my son. I'm reminded of Isaiah's prophecy of millennial behavior; after speaking of lions and lambs, we read, "and a little child shall lead them" (Isa. 11:6).

Listen to the still small voice! Listen! Listen!
when you have to make a choice.
He will guide you always.

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