Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dark / Light Dream

I awoke this morning thrilled that I would be taking the sacrament in a few hours—I was really excited. I rolled off of the bed to my knees to pray, and slipped into a dream:

I was in a large, dark room that felt like it had recently been emptied of many large items. It was dark, dusty, and felt like it needed a cleaning.

I suddenly realized that the room represented my life. It was supposed to be clean, and I had done my best to get rid of many large items (sins, etc.), but I couldn't do any more alone.

I stayed there looking around in the dim/dark room, when I suddenly remembered my excitement for the sacrament. All at once, the room lightened, the dust, dirt, and debris flew away, and the walls, ceiling, and floor glowed with an intense white brightness. I also realized that my clothes were brilliant white, and my skin, too, was glowing.

I remembered the message of D&C 5:19, where unclean things are destroyed by the brightness of the coming of Christ.

The message was that through Christ, and through Christ alone, can my life be made clean, white, and brilliant.

I liked this meaningful dream and its message of personal preparation for the Sabbath and the sacrament. I'm grateful for Christ and that through Him, I can be made clean. After my efforts alone, I am still left dirty; only Christ can make me clean.

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