Monday, February 22, 2010

Embrace Life

Do you wear your seat belt?

Even on short trips?

I came upon the following advertisement from the UK, and it really touched something in me. It wasn't overly graphic or full of scare tactics (as many are), but was completely wonderful.

Please watch the video before considering the following:
Did you find this video touching? (I actually had a few tears come to my eyes—even after multiple views!)

What made it compelling?

What did the wife and daughter represent?

Was the man wearing a seat belt before his family wrapped him, or did the belt, in the moment of peril, come to represent what he wanted to live for?

If you were a person who didn't usually buckle up (I'm assuming you usually do), would this ad help change your mind?

1 thought:

Maryann said...

That really is an amazing video. I think what touches me is the love you see between them, the concern they have for each other. You can see the daughter and mother would do anything to save the father, even when it is just a game they are playing.