Monday, December 22, 2008

Catching Up — Question Marking

The end of the semester and preparations for my PhD qualifying exam took the wind out of me, and pushed me to neglect blogging. I like to blog for a bit of clarifying therapy; needless to say, I'm a bit of a mess right now from not writing in a while (at least my daily journal has provided some solace). Nevertheless, at the start of a nice vacation, I hope to accomplish many things I've either neglected or put off—I've quite the "to do" list.

I'll start with a question on a question mark. My sweet boy, Benjamin, steals my heart with every smile. His smiles are so genuine, pure, and enormous that they make me wonder what makes me that happy—happy enough to have my body twist into the shape of a question mark.

The next time I feel like question marking, like Benjamin does, I'll take note. I'm pretty sure that there will be lots of question marking during this Christmas vacation as I spend time with my little family. Besides, what is Christmas without question marking?

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