Monday, December 22, 2008


The other day we were enjoying family together-time by the Christmas tree singing songs as Maryann played the piano. We were having a great time when I noticed Rebecca quietly slip out. Curious, I quietly followed a minute later and caught her in the act of extreme cuteness. She was lying on her back beneath our smaller Christmas tree looking up at the lights with a smile on her face, with her little arms gently reaching up to the lights. She was backlighting. (I hope it's okay to make up new definitions of words.) I imagine she felt the spirit of Christmas and wanted to have a quiet moment to herself.

I recall backlighting as a child. There was a distinct wonder that the bottom-up view of a Christmas tree invoked. The colorful lights making the rest of the room seem dark created a light-canopy of Christmas magic.

After she was done with her moment, I lay on my back and tried to capture the same feelings that she may have felt. It was fun (and a bit silly), but I think her experience was more magical than mine, judging by the little smile that spread across her whole face as she was backlighting.

On the Rebecca - Christmas tree theme, here's another observation. Last night, after reading scriptures as a family, we were enjoying a short Christmas story when I noticed that Rebecca wasn't responding to my questions any more. She had slipped off to sleep in the middle of a sweet story, holding her "dolly" tenderly.

While probably not visions of sugarplums, I wonder what her dreams were of last night.

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