Tuesday, August 26, 2008


While out running errands recently, David, Rebecca, and I stopped by the courthouse to pick up Benjamin's birth certificate. The path to the necessary office was tortuous and non-intuitive. However, after going to the basement and finding the proper path, we found an instructive sign. This sign in represented here:

The sign was meant as directions down an obscure hallway to the appropriate office(s) for certificates, but I took it as more. I read it as a list (though, not necessarily in chronological order).

Vitals: Birth, Death, Marriage.

We have all been born. We will all die. But what of marriage?

We know that according to the great plan of our loving Father, that it is through birth, death, and resurrection that we obtain a glorified, immortal body and thus progress towards becoming more like Christ, through Christ (see Alma 34:9). I thought of this truth and the sign in the basement of the courthouse this month while reading and teaching the message from the living prophet of God (see Ensign article here). In addition, I thought of the requirement of marriage—a celestial marriage (celestial meaning the type of marriage)—in order to qualify for exaltation, as recorded in scripture (see D&C 131:1-4).

Thinking of celestial glory, though, reminds me of another list—more exhaustive than I found on that basement sign. This list (found in D&C 76:50-70) states the glory and reward of exalted beings in the celestial kingdom. I particularly like the charge to "glory in God" (v. 61) and the reminder that we will only be made perfect "through Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, who wrought out this perfect atonement through the shedding of his own blood" (v. 69).

As I return my thoughts to that old sign, I express love and gratitude for my parents for their role in my birth and upbringing. In addition, I testify of Christ and his willingness and ability to save me from the effects of both sin and death. Finally, I hope to convey my deepest love, appreciation, and gratitude for my dear wife, Maryann, for who she is and all that she does to help our marriage truly be celestial.

I love you, Princess.

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Maryann said...

I love that picture! Rebecca was standing here next to me when she saw it and she was holding her little "temple box" and she excitedly said, "That's the same temple as this temple!" I thought it was really cute and happy that she recognized it.
I love you too!