Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here are two observances of David's concern for others:

When I'm home in the mornings, I will often hear David calling from the restroom asking permission to flush the toilet. I wondered why he did this at first, and after asking him, he revealed that he didn't want the noise of the flush to wake Maryann and baby Benjamin (who sometimes get to sleep in on weekends).

Instead of pointing out that his calling to me across the house may be louder than any flushing, I simply smile and reassure him that the noise shouldn't be too loud to disturb others.

We went to San Antonio last weekend to visit the temple and the zoo. The children and I played at a park while Maryann assisted with sealings at the temple. We returned to the temple at an appointed time to meet Maryann, but had to wait a while for her to finish (it took longer than anticipated). While we were waiting, we observed many newly married couples emerging from the temple—reportedly, it was the temple's busiest day for marriages to date. I was making comments on the happy couples and comparing to my marriage day, when David became worried.

With genuine sincere concern, David announced, "Daddy, I think someone married Mommy and took her away!"

His fear spread to Rebecca and they both looked horrified as they, no doubt, imagined life without their tender mother. I tried to reassure them that all was well, but they then waited anxiously the remaining minutes until Maryann emerged. I sensed a collective sigh of relief when they saw her glowing, smiling face.

These are just two examples of our sweet boy's love and concern for others. Such big love from such a little boy.

Isn't the purity of children wonderful?

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Maryann said...

What a sweet little boy. He really has been saying the cutest things lately. I have been smiling a lot. Too bad I often forget exactly how he said things. I need to write them down. Just now David said that last night was, "a very fast night." Then he said, "I guess the earth spinned very, very fast last night." There you go, another cute thing from David.