Saturday, June 21, 2008

Toothpaste Diet

I have a sweet tooth. In fact, I probably have two or three. In addition, my metabolism seems to have slown with my old age.

I suspect that my wife is simultaneously working for and against me. After the children go to bed, which is when the sweet teeth are particularly making themselves known, I'll ask Maryann if she wants some dessert. Her convenient reply, "No thanks; I've just brushed my teeth."

Now, I'm all for dental hygiene. I'm also for desserts. Because it's no fun to eat desserts alone when you're with someone you love, I abstain. Thus, she is working for me in helping me stay away from the dangers of desserts. She is also working against me... okay, she really is just working for me. My teeth are cleaner, and in time, I'll be thinner (maybe).

Despite all of this teeth cleaning over dessert eating, the weekend draw for desserts outweighs the toothpaste diet and I end up having a friend to enjoy desserts with.

Life is good.

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