Friday, June 20, 2008

Lap Exam

I took the day off yesterday to play with family and help with various appointments we had. Of particular note was Rebecca's dental "lap exam." This is where the hygienist and dentist had me hold Rebecca in my lap and lean her back so her head lay in the other lap. Not only did this provide a nice vantage point for the teeth, but it caused me to think of the growth of my little girl.

During the examination, I thought of the implicit trust involved in the whole exercise: here she was in a foreign place with strangers, but she could look up (or is it down?) and see my smiling encouraging face while her teeth were being brushed and examined. I felt quite strongly that I should cherish these moments—I don't imagine that teenagers have "lap exams."

Rebecca was very well behaved and cooperative; some would see this as quite the feat for a two-year-old! I wanted to reward her this, and I wanted to have something specific to give her. However, as I try thinking of an object I could offer as a reward, I felt that something else would be better. I decided to offer "big hugs" as the reward, and I was tickled that she accepted the offer and gave me big hugs in return.

We left the office with Rebecca's teeth cleaner and her smile brighter. I like to think that one reason for her brighter smile was the daddy-daughter time we spent in the dentist's chair together.

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