Thursday, November 6, 2014

DIY: Back Patio

We love our house and beautiful backyard in the paradise of south Florida; however, our aging deck was tired from years of exposure to the elements. We thought it would be fun to replace it! Here's our fun project:

Here's the deck and backyard before we moved in.

This shows the decking and that it was getting worn.

Don't get us wrong: We LOVED the deck! Look at these pretty flowers.

And this friendly lizard.

But it had to go. Those concrete footings were HEAVY! Luckily the bulk trash truck took them all away.

I keep pretty busy, so I say I don't have much time to exercise, but these DIY projects can be considered exercise. Right?

Grating the ground after removing the deck and footings.

Almost done!

Looking pretty good.

A little landscaping and we'll call it done! (for now)

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