Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Everglades Adventures

Want to join us on a camping adventure south of paradise!? Well, since you can't make it, here are pictures for you to enjoy:

Can you see the cougar (panther) in the weeds?

Alligator through bridge planks

Lurking. Would you rather run into
a troll under a bridge or this guy?

Vultures were everywhere, and they like rubber apparently

Sleek swimmer

One of the only bugs we saw, which was a pleasant surprise for us!

Overlooking the Everglades

Our campsite--you can see the water a stone's throw away

Geocaching! (link)

Happy to see the keys


Enjoying a hike

Exploring the debris

Learning that the bald especially need sunblock



A fellow redhead

Ruined dock is evidence of past hurricanes

My daughter's favorite flower on the hike

Sharing binoculars on a boat trip around the bay

Wildlife watching


Waving at waves


Telling about the dolphins she saw

The Florida crocodile (not alligator)

Moonlight walk (so they wouldn't stay awake all night again)

Reflected moonlight on the bay

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mikondill said...

Those are some photos! It looks like your family had a great time. Next time you come by the Everglades you should check out the Everglades Day Safari. You get an amazing Everglades tour and a really fun Everglades airboat ride. It's a wonderful time and kids will love it too.