Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday!

We had our trying-to-prepare-for-an-eventual-move yard sale yesterday. We were more interested in getting rid of accumulated junk... er, treasures, than we were with making loads of money. This was evidenced by our tables of 25¢ (or 5 for $1) clothes, toys, and books.

Here is a picture of our sale after the first wave of professionals swept in:

You can see a little IKEA table with a pink umbrella in the corner of the driveway. The children had a lemonade/juice/cookie stand (25¢). This was our attempt at introducing David and Rebecca to capitalism, or at least money and talking to strangers in a supervised environment. They were quite shy at first but warmed up and started approaching each of the customers to peddle their wares. (They even had a jar with a "TIPS" label where diabetic grandmas and other sweethearts gave them money.) Toward the end of our adventure they moved out to the roundabout (street-side) and waved at passers by--and occasionally clogged the street when customers stopped.

Here is a picture of the stand in the new location:

We had a great time and are loving having a more open-feeling home.

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