Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We had the beginnings of our Halloween festivities today.The children dressed as "community helpers" (listed as not associated with Halloween... you be the judge). They dressed as a Pre-K teacher and an Air Force pilot (he's holding a prize he got at school).

In preparation for our ward's Halloween party, we carved a pumpkin—soon-to-be award-winning—for the contest. Trying to break from simple faces or scary themes, and wanting to try a modern twist, I broke out the hand-held drill (Dremel-esque) and tried to represent our temple: the San Antonio Texas Temple (link).

In case you have trouble seeing it, here is it side-by-side with a photo (which I share at great peril, because you can see the areas where I flubbed it!).

At the ward party, the children wanted to dress as their favorite super-heroes: WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face from PBS Kids (link). Here they are side-by-side-by-side (by each other and next to the picture of the characters) in costumes we made ourselves(!):

Finally, here is our not-yet-born's first Halloween costume: his Mommy!

In case you're concerned that we're posting these on the 29th, we have a fun family party planned for tomorrow, so there may be more photos (but they might just make it to our family website (link), we'll see...).

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