Sunday, January 24, 2010

Customer Service

Do you have experiences dealing with customer service representatives that make you want to call and report on the interchange? I do. In fact, I've been having more and more lately. This makes me wonder if there is a trend in customer service (where I live), or if something has just changed in me.

I decided some time ago that when something like this happens, I would take a couple of minutes and call and let supervisors know just what happened. I figured that I would try to change the world—one phone call at a time!

Here's what usually happens: I call and ask if I can speak with someone to give some feedback. Almost immediately, I sense a nervousness—and even a hesitancy to connect me. This is followed by apologies and promises that my complaints will be handled.

What follows next is perhaps my favorite part: I say, "No, I'm not calling to complain; I'm calling to say that [so-and-so] was amazingly helpful. I wanted to make sure he/she receives recognition."

Every time, this is followed by an astonished, "Wait, what? Really? You aren't calling to complain?"

[Question: Did you, likewise, assume I was going to complain?]

After I'm connected to management and give my report, there is a similar exchange, followed by a promise that so-and-so will be recognized.

I think it's great fun to do this. Not only does it make me feel better, but I get the feeling that at least three other people feel good too—the person who answered the phone initially, the manager/supervisor, and the person I'm calling to report on.

Earlier I wondered if this is a local trend or the result of a change in me. I hope that it's both. In fact, it may be a sort of chicken-egg conundrum: Which came first, the good service or having eyes looking for the good service (compare to Matt. 13:15-17).

While the genesis of this question isn't really important, I think that the effects are. In fact, I'm hoping that if I can continue to do this, that I can really change the world—one phone call at a time.

And in the process, change myself.

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Maryann said...

You are wonderful! Although, I believe you lead the people to think you are going to complain, and then you surprise them. You love to see that reaction. ;) And, I love you!