Friday, May 22, 2009

Learning to Ride

David has taken to riding without his training wheels like a fish to water. Here are two videos that I thought were amazing (please bear in mind that he had only just started to ride without the training wheels the day before these videos were taken):

Here is a clip that shows David's speed. He was slow at first, but the truck passing by in the background must have motivated him because he sped up and shot past it (with the help of perspective).

This is a painful reminder that when learning to ride, you end up going where you're looking. David was so busy smiling at me that he didn't notice that his path was changing ever so slightly.

Here is one more showing how well our little Rebecca is learning. She was doing so well until she saw here super-fast brother zoom by, and then her little legs just gave up.

They say riding a bike is something you never forget how to do. Perhaps this is because learning is so much fun!

1 thought:

Rockin Rowe's said...

Wow! David is fast. It appeared that he was keeping up with that car. I am grateful you have your kids wear helmets. Especially as David crashed into "the cameraman".