Monday, September 22, 2008

Willing to Die

I've been reading the Chronicles of Narnia. In reading the many accounts of wars where heroes are made and will is surrendered to the cause, I asked myself, "What am I willing to die for?"

The answers weren't at all surprising: family, religion, friends, rights, etc.

However satisfying the answers, I wasn't satisfied with the original question. Instead of wondering what I would die for, it may be more important to decide what I will live for. Or, rather, to understand why I do what I do—to understand the motivation behind action.

In the course of life, I think it is considerably more important to live for a cause than to die for a cause. If I'm willing to die for important things, shouldn't I be willing to live to honor those same things?

However noble and courageous heroes are who die for a righteous cause, sacrifice seems more significant if it is founded upon everyday decisions to do what is right and needful while striving for perfection (see Matt. 5:48). Christ is the perfect example of this—his infinite sacrifice would have been meaningless if not for his a perfect life.

I am willing to die for many things. Does my life evidence a willingness to live for these same things?

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